Min niece havde bestilt et Spiderman-pige kostume. Som sagt, så gjort.
Jeg brugte denne bluse, blå og rød tyl og edderkoppespind-fleece fra Stof2000. Desuden et par blå leggins fra genbrug.

My niece had asked me to make her a Spiderman-girl costume (not Spidergirl, Spiderman-girl). For the costume I used this shirt, a pair of blue leggins, blå and red tulle and spiderweb-fleece fabric.

Jeg klippede kroppen af den blå bluse og erstattede den med edderkoppespind-fleece. Jeg lavede benvarmere og fingerløse vanter i fleecen også.
Strutskørtet er lavet ligesom det regnbuestrutskørt, jeg lavede til hendes søster: Nemt strutskørt.Af lidt rester af rød tyl og en strimmel fleece lavede jeg et hårbånd med en sløjfe.
I cut the sleeves from the body of the shirt and repaced the blue body with spiderweb fabric. I mad legwarmers and fingerless gloves out of the fleece also.
The tutu is made like the rainbow glitter skirt, I made for her sister: Easy tutu
From remnants of red tulle and spiderweb fabric I made a hairband with a bow.

Det var lige som hun havde tænkt sig at det skulle være. Jubii! 😀
The costumes is just like the imaged it. Yay! 😀

By the way, the costume is for fastelavn, which is celebrated in Denmark and the Germanic countries. For those of you that don’t know what fastelavn is: In short it is tecnically the same as carnival: The day before the 40 day
fasting before easter starts (well used to start, no one do it these
days). It used to be a day, where people drank and ate and partied like crazy.
Today it is mostly a children’s celebration. They
dress up, make fastelavn decorations, go trick and treating, a destroy a barrel full of candy with a
bat, and two ones who repsectively destroy the bottom of the barrel and the last board gets chosen as cat king and cat queen. In short it is much like halloween, just without the scary stuff.
Fastelavn is a smelting pot of catholic traditions (which we not longer are), heathen fertility traditions and modern ones

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