I hate turtlenecks – with tutorial

I HATE turtlenecks. Hate hate hate. I feel strangled in them.
when I spotted there at a clothes swap, I didn’t feel any attraction to
them. On the other hand….how hard could it be to alter the neckline?
Here are the speicmens. The light brown was the wrong colour for me, so I gave it away, and the second black one I have other plans for.

had taught me a thing: The ribbing on necklines are more stretchy than
you would think. Time t put that knowledge into use. The size of the V-neck I show is as about as far as the ribbing will stretch.
I made a tutorial on how to replace a turtleneck with another type of neckline.

How to change a neckline from a turtleneck to any other type of neckline.
Here I show a V-neck. The steps, except for one, is the same if you chose to make another type of neckline.

1. Cut the neckline the way you want it. Cut of 1 cm (3/8″) LESS.
Use a blouse with a nice neckline as your guide or put the pullover on and trace how you would like the neckline to be.

Cut the top few cm/about 1″ of the turtleneck. Use the top of the turtleneck because it is already finished.

3. Divide the ring into four equal parts.

4. Sew across in a diagonal
(Omit this step it you have chosen another type of neckline).

This will be the middle front onm the finished neckline.

Divide also the neckline into four equal parts, where middle back and
middle front is two of the markings. The markings aren’t nessasarily the
same as the shoulder seams.

 6. Pin the neckline and the ribbing together using the needle markings as a guide. Use plenty pins.

7. Sew together, Use at stretchy seam such as this or overlock the seam.

Stretch the neckline as you sew, so it matches the ribbing.

Sewn together.
Now you should zigzag or serge the edge (I forgot and had to do it after I had topstitched it. It was 10 times more difficult)

Right side out.

8.  Lastly you topstitch the edge from the right side. The stretchy seam, you used the sew the neckline, is fine for the purpose.

Finished (and my camera hates blue)

I did the same V-neck with the green turtleneck-now-pullover.

I did a boat neck on the brown one.

And a round neck on the black one.


  • Together we will rid the world of turtlenecks 😉

  • Just wanted to say thank you! I have 3 that I loved the print on but hated the turtleneck, now I can refashion thanks to you!

  • hi!
    Great work!!!
    I also hate turtlenecks!!!!
    I am going to try this out!!
    Thank you for the tutorial!
    kisses from Portugal!

  • Thank you. I am actually puzzled that I haven't thought of refashioning turtlenecks before. But now I know that it is doable and actually not a big job.

  • Very nice tutorial! I hate turtlenecks too. They always feel like they are strangling me, and it feels like they get tighter as the day goes on. Your english is just fine… much better than some people who have written English their whole life 😉

  • Great job! They are pretty and don't look like you change anything!

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