Barefoot Shoes: Review of Sole Runner FX Trainer 3 in English

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An important thing about barefoot shoes is that they must be wide enough for the feet to splay, when you walk. But many barefoot brands make fairly narrow shoes. Maybe most people just have very narrow feet, but I do experience a lot of people, especially women, who have difficulties finding wide enough barefoot shoes.

I have short feet. It makes it even more difficult to have wide feet, as I can’t just go for the wider men’s shoes, they aren’t made that small.
I got defiant and researched every single barefoot brand and found a brand which made wide enough shoes for me: Sole Runner.

Review of Sole Runner FX Trainer 3
(I use barefoot shoes blogger Mel Powers very useful template for reviews.
Do visit her site. She is very knowledgeable and the site has so much useful info on barefoot shoes: ).

First impression

They are veeeery wide. When I opened the box my first though: “Oh no, they are way too wide”. While at the same time thinking: “Is this my unicorn shoes? The mytical shoes, which are wide enough for my feet.”


Textile shoe with mesh upper.
Sole: 2,5 mm.
Width: ‘Extra wide’
(Sole Runners come in four widths. Bonus point. In size 36 ‘extra wide’ is 23,85 cm around the ball of the foot. In size 37 ‘extra wide’ are 24,25 cm).

The shoes come with a thin thermo sole with a small heel drop.

Wide. Made of mesh, comfortably thin.
A layer of a thin syntetics along the sides adds durability.
The shoe is closed with elastic laces and a velcro strap.

The toebox is very wide, as in seriously extremely wide. I honestly don’t think there are feet out there, which will be too wide for theese.

I was worried if the shoes were too wide in front for me – a concern I had never had before.

2,5 mm sole, slightly shaped up around the sides of the shoe.
Feels well made, gives enogh protection against the elements while at the same time allowing one to feel the ground a lot. Good grip.

Comfort and fit

They are wide enough. When I walk or run, I can feel my feet splay just enough that they kiss the sides of the shoes. I have never had shoes which actually was wide enough for my feet. So it actually feels kind of naked to wear them. Even though they feel so nice to wear.

The fabric folds down on my front feet/big toe when i walk/run. Even though it is natural that it will do so, since the shoes is soft and foldable, it feels a bit uncomfortable.

Unfortunately the shoes are also wide around the ankle. I have trouble tightening the shoes enough for them to not fall off.

Looks and style
A typical trainer in neutral black med with red details. It doesn’t stand out as being a barefoot shoe. Very much a trainer, rather than athletisure in my opinion.
Very wide, which I actually don’t think is good looking. A slight feeling of clown shoe.
But for longer feet they are probably more well proportioned.


Str. 36-48.

Comfortable, and fits my front feet well. Well made German craftmanship, they feel like they can hold up to tough use. A great running shoe.
I have to get used to them being so wide allover, it feels clunky. The jury is still out on whether or not to keep them.
Update: I ended up returning them. Couldn’t get used to the width.

Update 2021: The Sole Runner model which I have in Wide width, the Yepas, felt very roomy when I got them in 2017. Now they feel too narrow. 
I consider getting the FX Trainer again, as now I will probably like the width.

I wrote to  Sole Runners’ Customer Service To get help with sizing/width.
They answered my mail very quickly, were very helpful, the answers were useful and they wrote excellent English.

Sole Runner also has another model in running shoes, which is a slightly narrower ‘Wide’ fit. It is called Pure 2.

How did I ever fit my feet into my old running shoes….

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