Håndarbejdsamok / Crafty ;)

Jeg har syet og omsyet og hittet på, og jeg har været ude i naturen og fotografere. Det besynderligt milde vejr vi har, giver flotte muligheder for billeder.

Et lille vikinge-syprojekt er det blevet til. Hætteslag farvet med birkeblade og jern, og med en løgskalsgul kant med violet broderi (picture1):

In English:
I have been very active. I have sown and altered clothing and thought out stuff, and I have been out photographing nature. The strangely mild weather we have, makes for great photo opportunities.

Picture1: I have sewn a single viking thing. A hooded cape dyed with birch leaves and iron, and with an onion schale coloured edging with purple embroidery.


  • Oops, I meant to add that the cape is very lovely.

  • I am convinced that American sizes are just kind of arbitrary. If you are using sewing patterns, the sizes are different than ready-to-wear clothes too. You are better off going with someplace that has a size chart, because you might wear a 4 in one brand and a 6 in another and an 8 in yet another.

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