Det glemte efterår/Someone forgot autumn

Hov, hvad skete der?
…… (indsæt foretrukne gud) må have spillet kort og glemt alt om efteråret. Kigger på kalenderen, og det går op for ham at november lige er begyndt. “Hm…jeg giver dem bare det hele nu, ingen vil opdage det” Hm, jo! Fra indian summer til vinter henover natten, syret.

In English:

After a record warm october (avarage day temp 15,3 C) with lovely calm and sunny weather we woke up to this today, 1 November:

“Cloudy with rain, sleet or tøsne (melting snow). Day temperature between 1 and 5 C and strong winds (15 m/s) with risk of heavy gusts, by the coasts up to storm. Night temperature between +2 and -5 C.”
– The Danish Meterological Institute

Now…its not that we aren’t used to weather like this, quite the contrary. But until now we have had VERY good weather with record high temperatures, and record number of sun hours, in august, september and october.
And then ……… (insert god of choice), who has been playing poker with his mates, accidentally looks at his calender, and realises that he has forgotten time completely; november has just begun, and autumn is way overdue. “I’ll just give it all to them now, no one will notice.” ……Oh yes, we do!

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